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Photos of Gloria


From the Years at Living Faith Christian Center
Kansas City, Missouri
1975 - 1985

Living Faith Years 04.jpg
Living Faith Years 00.jpg
Living Faith Years 06.jpg
Living Faith Years 03.jpg
Living Faith Years 05.jpg
Living Faith Years 07.jpg
On the way to a Girl Talk Conference
Living Faith Years 01.JPG
Living Faith Years 02.jpg
At Buck and Debbie's wedding
Living Faith Years 08.jpg
Living Faith Years 09.jpg
Living Faith Years 10.jpg
Living Faith Years 11.jpg
Living Faith Years 12.jpg
Living Faith Years 13.jpg
Living Faith Years 14.jpg


From Book Signing and Discussion
At Borders Book Store in Kansas City, Missouri
August 27, 2005

2005-08-27 01.JPG
2005-08-27 02.JPG
2005-08-27 05.JPG
2005-08-27 06.JPG
2005-08-27 07.JPG
2005-08-27 04.JPG
2005-08-27 08.JPG
2005-08-27 03.JPG


From Book Signing
At Heavenly Blessings Book Store in Port Saint Lucie, Florida
September 15, 2008

03 Book Signing 09-13-08.jpg
12 Book Signing 09-13-08.jpg
11 Book Signing 09-13-08.jpg


From Book Signing
At Morningside Library in Port Saint Lucie, Florida
February 14, 2015

2015-02-14 01.jpg
2015-02-14 04.jpg
2015-02-14 02.jpg
2015-02-14 03.jpg


From Book Talk
At PGA Village Verano in Port Saint Lucie, Florida
December 7, 2016

2016-12-07 03.JPG
2016-12-07 04.JPG
2016-12-07 05.JPG
2016-12-07 06.JPG

Jane with opening prayer

2016-12-07 09.JPG

Alice reading scripture

2016-12-07 08.JPG

Evelyn (host) introducing Gloria

2016-12-07 07.JPG
2016-12-07 10.JPG
2016-12-07 11.JPG
2016-12-07 14.JPG
2016-12-07 13.JPG
2016-12-07 15.JPG
2016-12-07 12.JPG
2016-12-07 16.JPG
2016-12-07 18.JPG

Luncheon after book signing

2016-12-07 19.JPG
2016-12-07 20.JPG


From  Book Signing

At Paula A. Lewis Library in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

February 29, 2020

2020-02-29 01.JPG
2020-02-29 02.JPG


At Life Group Christmas Party
Gloria in her praying chair
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
December 15, 2018



From Grace Family Church
At Life Group, praying for Rosalind
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
November 20, 2019



From Grace Family Church
Ministering at Prime Timers
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
March 12, 2021



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