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About Me

I began to teach the Word of God about 55 years ago as my husband began to pastor in the mountains of Colorado.  At that point, I limited myself to Women’s Bible Studies and would not have even considered standing before a group of people – teaching – especially if there were men in that group.  However, those Bible Studies always grew and whole families were added to the church as a result of those meetings.


Years later, while very involved with a church which my husband and I had started, the Lord impressed upon me that He had called me to teach His Word.  The Lord, through most unusual means, had me start a daily radio program on a Christian station in Kansas City, Mo. and I called the show, “Girl Talk.”  In a very simple format, I taught the practical application of God’s Word to everyday life.  I had a little, makeshift recording studio in my home and recorded tapes to be played on the air.  As a result of that daily show, I began to have monthly evening dinner meetings and the Word of God flourished in peoples’ lives.  The Lord used the radio show as a type of advertisement and many families were added to the church.  Through that outreach, I was a speaker at several women’s groups in the area, as well as traveling to locations all over Missouri and Kansas and other nearby states for speaking engagements.  I have always had a very down-to-earth approach to ministering the Word.


My husband left the ministry and we lived away from the Kansas City area for a number of years.  In 1999, my husband moved to heaven and, soon after that, I returned back to the K. C. area and settled in Liberty, Mo. 


In 2005, I published my first book, “Journey in Grace,” which is the story of my life – centering in on the things I have learned about God and about me.  I have learned that we learn more easily regarding doctrines and lessons from the Word as they are conveyed through someone who shares how he/she ‘got it’.


In 2007, I made another move.  After the death of my beloved sister, Linda Thompson, I chose to move to Florida to be near my daughter and her family.  Then, in 2011, I published my second book, “Choosing for a Change."  So many people are praying desperately to have their lives go a different direction but they keep doing the same things they have been doing.  This book helps us find, bit by bit, changes occurring in our lives as we start making different choices in many areas of our lives.


My third book, “Coming Out of the Cocoon,” was published in 2016 and primarily deals with transformation.  I have known so many people who keep trying to do all the right things but nothing really seems to be changing in their lives. God gives us the formula for transformation in Romans 12:1-2 and I wrote about how it worked in my life – and is still working.


Then, in 2017, I published my first fiction, “From Darkness to Light.”  It’s about a lady in an unreached peoples’ group of the world who had never heard of Creator God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  She would go out of her hut at night and stare at the stars and think, “Somebody had to put all that up there!”  Finally, she spoke out of her mouth, “Whoever you are, I want to know you.”  Then EVERYTHING CHANGED! 

In 2020, I published the sequel to the last book, my second fiction, “Living in the Light.”  It is about how one woman’s prayers invited God into her tribe of people and they all turned to Him.  Then, she and her husband were used by the Lord to help other people in their part of the world to know about Him, and turn their lives over to Him.  It is an inspiration for all of us to be open to the Lord for how He desires to use us to reach the world.

In 2022, I published “Teachings To Help You.”  One day, when I was in a phone conversation with my son, Mark Hartman, he said, “Mom, I think, for your next book, you ought to go through a lot of those series of teachings you did a long time ago, and condense each one down to a chapter.  You could have a different subject for each chapter and that would be helpful to people.”  I told him that I would think about it but, on the inside, I was thinking, I don’t think I want to listen to all those teachings.”  BUT – a couple months later, God spoke to me these words, “What Mark said, that was My idea!”  So – this book was born!    That’s what this one is!


Please go to Amazon and get my books.  This is a specific web address for my books:


You’ll be glad you did!


What I Believe

I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

I believe in one eternal and infallible God who exists as three separate persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven and accomplished salvation for all who will believe and receive that salvation by faith. 

I believe that when any person believes in his heart that Jesus paid the price for sin, and confesses Him as Lord with his mouth, that person is born again.  A work of regeneration by the Holy Spirit takes place and that person becomes a new creation in his spirit.  His old spirit is gone and a new spirit has come. 

I believe that the Holy Spirit is still empowering believers today just as He did from the day of Pentecost on. 

I believe in the imminent return of Jesus, at which time all believers will join Him in incorruption and will be with Him forever. 

I believe that the “church” is composed of all born again believers.


My Life Vision

My life vision is to help people to know that God’s grace is sufficient for everything in this life and that living by grace (His ability) is His plan for us in this life. 


My Life Mission

I intend to teach people by the spoken and written word that God’s love has not only provided salvation for eternity – by grace through faith – but also has provided everything for life and godliness here in this life on earth.  It is received the same way salvation is received – by personally trusting His Word in every area of life for oneself.  I intend to help people understand that God loves them independently of their performance – that what they do does not make God love them more or less – that their motive for doing good and living by His Word is because they love God and that, of itself, has an effect on their ability to receive from God.


My Philosophy

Whatever I do or say, in spoken or written word, in personal or public contact with people, I desire to build up people.  I desire to speak the truth in love, always being careful to never intentionally hurt a person’s self worth.


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